Polyurethane Protective Briefs

Since 1998, Arizona Healthcare has been designing, manufacturing and supplying products to match the specific requirements of our customers.

With access to public toilets becoming more and more difficult, many sufferers of IBS, urinary incontinence and heavy periods are fearful of leaving home. Manufactured in the UK from our exclusive material, these pants provide comfortable leak-proof protection and containment over your normal underwear. Ultra-thin and with stretch, these are completely undetectable and silent under trousers or a skirt.

Polyurethane protective briefs offer a number of important and significant advantages.

  • The Ultra-light weight thin material, is significantly cooler to wear than PVC vinyl or plastic pants
  • This material stretches slightly and is up to three-times stronger than vinyl.
  • The material is unaffected by barrier creams and other skin conditioners.
  • The material we use is medical grade and does not harden with age or washing.
  • Our briefs have been carefully styled to effectively fit over regular underwear.
  • The pants provide comfortable and effective rear-leg coverage when sitting.
  • The comfortable soft woven cotton leg and waist elastics are fully covered by the waterproof material on one side and the reversible design gives the wearer the choice of having the cotton or the Polyurethane material, against their skin.
  • For IBS sufferers, the briefs will provide effective containment.